Ou Neko is a family run online store based in Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales. We specialise in a variety of collectible action figures, statues & busts and mini-figures from your favourite films, comic books, anime and video games.

We offer products which include limited edition releases from films such as Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Alien, Friday the 13th plus many more.


Anthony is an independent author from Gorseinon, currently based in the Forest of Dean. A keen advocate of self-publishing, Anthony writes horror that is both traditional and seeks to push the boundaries of the genre through inverting tropes and mixing styles. The Tor is a spectral horror set in a small English village across several decades, whilst The Soul Bazaar is a collection of eight short stories on the theme of death and rebirth. It contains the prize-winning story Wake, selected for publication in Rambunctious Ramblings’ 2016 anthology. Both of these releases are available through all the usual digital outlets, and in paperback through Amazon. His début release, Reformed, is available in digital format only. It is a Sci-Fi with horror elements. His next full-length release is Swarm, anticipated for release in late summer of 2017, and will again be a digital and physical release.

His writing style has been likened to Clive Barker, James Herbert and Chuck Palahnuik. When he’s not writing he can be found playing guitar, listening to loud rock and metal, or reading Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Ian Rankin, George Orwell or Clive Barker. But not Herbert or Palahnuik.


Darren Tilson is a Painter illustrator of characters from popular Tv and Movies such as the Walking Dead, Classic Horror icons and Marvel DC characters and his own weird and wonderful creations!

He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has a unique style of art. A huge walking dead fan and can been seen getting in on the fun at conventions dressed as the Notorious Negan from the Walking Dead


Last Shirt on the Left is an independent clothing company devised by two movie maniacs hell bent on unleashing great quality, beautiful and desirable film-themed merchandise on the world! Ranging from Horror and Sci-Fi all the way through to Exploitation, Gore and more, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes!


THE MORBITORIUM - "Curios for the curios, Oddities for the odd"

The Morbitorium initially started out as a personal collection of oddities and taxidermy. From humble beginnings as a single shelf in a living room it gradually grew larger and larger until it took over the whole house (there is even a full-sized skeleton in a coffin at the foot of my sons bed). I soon found myself having to sell some pieces in order to fit new ones in and now I spend most of my time making things to help others to make their lives more unusual.

Our stock ranges from the mildly weird (horror themed bookmarks) to the downright bizarre (taxidermied unicorn lamb) so there's bound to be something that catches your eye. We have jewellery, occult and magickal supplies, wet specimens, shrunken heads, homewares, toys, skulls and so much more. You can even learn the art of taxidermy at one of our regular beginners classes.

We have supplied pieces to various TV and theatre productions (you may have seen some of our items on the recent BBC series "Nature's Weirdest Events") and have also been featured in numerous newspaper articles, magazines and online columns.

The Morbitorium currently operates from a 18th century canal-side cottage in the South Wales valleys where I live with my girlfriend, 3 cats, 2 kids and a stick insect.

Etsy store:


Props Gore and More!

Based in the Valleys outside Cardiff, from the Shadows was set up by Film Maker David V G Davies as a means to continue his passion for prop making for independent films and making movie inspired sculptures.

Everything from Labyrinth Worms to Dragon Eggs and Graboids.

You can find out more here


A filmmaker for the last 10 years in the horror genre, Joseph strives to tell a good story. One of his short films in 2010 "Inhibitions" was nominated for a young persons BAFTA award.

He continues to push the boundaries of his story-telling as he now brings it into the comic book world with Ghost Island

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