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Over the course of the weekend we'll be showing a range of independent horror films from across the UK.  Each film will be followed by a questions and answers panel accompanied by members of the cast and crew where possible.

We'll be listing all of the films are playing on this page so you can decide which ones you'd like to see in advance.

All films will be deemed as adult content - we advise you not to let children into the screenings.

Pathogen Films will be in attendance and showing Episode 1 of their web series Patient Zero

For those attending Swansea Horror Con later this year. Some of the team from Pathogen Films will be in attendance and showing Episode 1 of their web series Patient Zero and then following that up with a Q & A Panel.

So who are Pathogen films?, Well lets find out. Pathogen Films is the brain child of Ben Atkinson, based in Stratford Upon Avon, Marc Gordge, in Brackley, Kirsty Powell in Stratford Upon Avon and Marc Venables in Alcester. They are all filmmakers and whilst meeting at a business network meeting in Banbury they quickly found themselves discussing their love of writing and shooting film. They decided to utilise Marc’s skill at writing and work together to produce a mini series. They are currently producing their first series, Patient Zero. Which is the show you can see at Swansea Horror Con.

Pathogen Films might have started out as a small group, but has now developed into a crew of 9 + people and still expanding taking on local creatives in the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire area.


THE SLAYERS (96 mins)

It has to be said before you read the synopsis that I loved this hilariously funny film!

The Slayers follows 2 cult members as they break ranks and decide to go on a adventurous road trip to make the most of, what they believe to be, the last two weeks on earth.

The two hapless men plan a bucket list and head off in an old motor-home to the mountains of Scotland to camp,meet girls and drink.

It isn't long before Nigel and Jobe start to encounter strange characters who claim to be vampire slayers. Believing it to be a test from god, they follow the slayers in battle with vampires and the boys own stupidity.



Welcome to 2017! A what a great announcement we have to start the day! The screening of The Quiet Zone (I really loved this film) - you can watch it at Swansea Horror Con!

A late night commuter (JESSICA BAYLY) confronts a noisy passenger (KASEY ILIANA SFETSIOS) on a train carriage but finds herself trapped in a station with someone - or something - that wants to silence her too. A horror that will grab you by the throat and won't let go. Until you're quiet.

THE QUIET ZONE won best short horror at the British Horror Film Festival in 2015 and has been selected at many other horror festivals including Screamfest LA, NYC Horror Film Festival, Leeds International and Atlanta Film Festival.


SEIZE THE NIGHT is a high octane horror/sci-fi thrill ride from independent British filmmaker Emma Dark.

After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge. Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante (Anthony Ilott, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) she meets with arms dealer Joe (Paul Ewen, Cockneys vs Zombies) who informs her that an enemy is hot on her tail. Eva hunts the hunter and encounters a team of werewolves, led by pack alpha Tobias (Carey Thring, From Hell). During their confrontation Eva learns a terrible secret and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to join forces with the devil she knows in order to fight the greatest of all evils.

Trailer -


John eats mayonnaise for a living. At least he did until his boss turned into a zombie then tried to eat him. Now all he wants to do is find his daughter. But in zombie infested Runcorn, even simple tasks like crossing the street or finding batteries for your vintage Sony Walkman have become a matter of life or death.

Armed with a mayonnaise stirring paddle and porno mags for armour; John, along with his retro best friend, 80s Dave and his apocalypse obsessed brother, Butty begin the search for his daughter.

Based on the book Death in a Northern Town, Dead Town is a 3 part comedy horror Sitcom, following the adventures of John, Butty and 80s Dave as go in search for John's daughter Emily, during the early stages of a zombie apocalypse.

Written by Peter McKerinon

Dead Town Episode 1 trailer
Dead Town Episode 1 'Road To Nowhere'
Runtime - 11:39
Dead Town Episode 2 'This Must Be The Place'
Runtime - 22:46
Dead Town Episode 3 'Once In A Lifetime'
Runtime - 13:33


Produced by Blaze of Gory

The classic fairy tale of Snow White given a modern update written by a 12 year old with a disturbing grasp of terror.

Vikki Spit
Susan Adriensen
Duff Eynon
Lord Zion

Written by Blaize-Alice Szanto and directed by David VG Davies .
FILM SCREENING: CLOWNFACE (10 minute short of the proposed feature film)


At Swansea Horror Con we’ll be showing a ten minute short of the film ‘Clownface’ and then the following members of the cast and crew will be holding a panel to talk about it.

Mark Adams – Producer
Alex Bourne – Writer & Director
Phil Baily – Clownface
Dani Tonks – Zoe (To be confirmed)

With her housemate out clubbing, Zoe (Dani Tonks) was hoping for some quality alone time with her boyfriend Rick (Tom Loone). However, she didn't realise that she had become the latest target for the elusive serial killer, CLOWNFACE (Phil Bailey). Wearing a mask of flesh fixed in a sadistic grin, the mysterious psychopath is no laughing matter. CLOWNFACE presents a homage to classic slasher films with a modern approach, offering blood, sex, masochism and murder.

Written and Directed by Alex Bourne (The House of Screaming Death) and Produced by Mark Adams (My Bloody Banjo, Carnival of Sorrows), CLOWNFACE is part of the new wave of independent British horror films. Shot in Birmingham, UK and involving some of the best upcoming talent in the country, this short film offers a glimpse into the sadomasochistic world of CLOWNFACE... a teaser for the full terror that will be unleashed in the upcoming feature film production!

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